Required materials must be defined for the structure to be modeled in the SAP2000 program. The correct definition of the properties of materials such as concrete, steel and reinforcing steel is very important for structural analysis and design stages.

Material identification can be done manually by the user or depending on regulations. Materials can be created quickly using European regulations. Defining the material in SAP2000 program is done from the Define Menu as shown in Figure-1.


From the Define Materials section in the SAP2000 program;

  • A new material can be defined.
  • An existing material can be copied and new material created.
  • The properties of an existing material can be modified.
  • Existing material can be deleted.

In order to define a new material, clicking Add New Material opens the Add Material Property window shown in Figure-2.

Region: It is the section in which the material properties are determined according to which region standards. In this section, “User” option should be selected if “Europe” option or material properties are to be determined manually.

Material Type: It is the part where the material type is selected. Here, steel, concrete, rebar or one of the other materials shown in Image-2 should be chosen.

Standart: The standard to take the material properties is selected in this section. The European standard EN-1992-1-1, this option can be selected for fast processing. In addition, the “User” option can be selected for manual material identification here.

Grade: In this section, material quality is selected. For example; C30 ready options for concrete and S235 ready for steel are available.


As seen above, the properties of a material created can be checked with the Modify / Show Material option. The properties of the material created with the same option can be revised.


The properties of C30 quality concrete and S235 quality steel created as an example can be seen in Figure-3.


In cases where the weight of the element does not need to be taken into account, the unit volume weight value should be “zero”.

The expected strength values for S235 steel can be taken as the characteristic strength values.

If the concrete material is desired to exhibit light concrete feature, “Lightweight Concrete” option should be activated.


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