Reinforced concrete is a basic technical term in French. It is a composite building material where concrete and reinforcement are used together. In reinforced concrete elements, reinforcement and concrete complement each other, allowing to achieve the desired behavior.


In reinforced concrete elements, it is not enough for concrete and reinforcement to fulfill its duties alone in line with its own characteristics. In order to talk about reinforced concrete, reinforcement and concrete must work in harmony. This harmony depends on the adherence (clamping) between concrete and reinforcement. Therefore, not all concrete with reinforcement can be described as reinforced concrete.


Reinforcement and concrete complement each other’s weak properties, forming a composite building element. We can talk about concrete and reinforcement properties in this composite structure as follows:

  • Concerning compressive strength, concrete has high strength. Although it has high compressive strength as steel material, reinforcement has a buckling problem under pressure. In other words, concrete provides the compressive strength of the reinforced concrete element to a large extent.
  • In tensile strength, steel has high tensile strength. The tensile strength of concrete is very low.
  • Concrete and reinforcement meet shear strength together. While the concrete has medium shear strength, the shear strength of the reinforcement is high.
  • Steel is very weak in fire resistance. Fire resistance is provided by wrapping concrete reinforcement with a good fire resistance.
  • Concrete resistant to external influences has a good resistance. Reinforcement needs the protection of concrete.
  • Steel is quite good in terms of ductility. As concrete is a brittle material, its ductility property is weak.
  • While shrinkage and creep events occur in concrete, these events do not occur in reinforcement.


This material is the most widely used building material especially in our country. Some application areas of the material used in many areas are as follows:

  • Building type building constructions
  • In dam constructions
  • In tunnel construction
  • In canal and irrigation structures
  • Bridge construction
  • In retaining structures
  • Road construction and art structures
  • In industrial buildings
  • In silo construction


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