As most of you know, being a civil engineer is not enough to find a job according to the current situation of the construction industry. So, when you graduate, you will need bracelets that will wear on your arm and attract the attention of companies. In this article, we will try to help you with what bracelets you can wear on your arm.

First of all, when you graduate, you will have certain ways. In order to walk properly on these roads, you should know your path and take your steps accordingly. We can list these roads in roughly 5 different ways.

  • Working as a civil engineer at the construction site
  • Working in project companies or establishing their own project office
  • Being an academician at the university
  • Working as a civil engineer in the public sector
  • Finally, to do a profession other than civil engineering

So What Should We Do?

Here is one of the main problems starts here. Because you are a student, you have not experienced in these jobs. By listening to others’ experiences, you may have learned some things. Of course, because these experiences also vary from person to person, the same may not apply to you. For this reason, we recommend that you take experience personally and take this from your internships during the semester and on vacation. Since we will go into these options in more detail in our future articles, we will make more general recommendations in this article.

  • Learning English and other foreign languages
  • To learn AutoCAD program
  • To learn Sta4CAD, İdeCAD or Sap2000 programs
  • Join the building community in the Civil Engineering department
  • Keeping you well with your professors at the university

When we look at it, we think that it is not necessary to mention the importance of a foreign language. We assume that you know how important many of you are. But we should note that in 5 different ways, Foreign language makes great contributions.

yabancı dil

For Civil Engineers, it is sufficient to know AutoCAD at a basic level. Because our job is mostly on computing. We do this with the Sta4CAD, İdeCAD and Sap2000 programs mentioned above. If you want to do business in Turkey you and I encourage you to learn Sta4CAD idecad programs. Learning of these programs is easier and more practical than Sap2000 program. Sap2000 program, on the other hand, performs most work according to our prediction. Of course, it requires a lot of time and effort in this prediction.

The benefit of building communities is that you can increase the number of open doors that you will have after graduation by communicating with people from various companies and promoting yourself thanks to the events organized.

Keeping you well with the professors at the university, or more precisely, will enable you to climb the stairs towards becoming an academician more accurately. Because your teacher will be the biggest factor in every stage from master to professor.


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