The axles are drawn with the options in the “AKS” area of ​​the main drawing menu of the STA4CAD program. The axis, which means alignment, is the measure of distance from the middle of one element of the structure to the middle of the other element. As is known, axles must always be drawn at first in modeling processes. The axles act as a map to create the bearing system of a building. This map describes the addresses of the carrier elements of the structure. For this reason, the axles must be correct and usable. There are two main axes in the STA4CAD program: x and y directions.

What is Axle? How To Draw ?

I would like to give an example to better understand these main axes. As an engineer or candidate for engineering, we all assume that we know how to find the center of gravity of a shape. Now when we find the center of gravity of a shape, we place the x and y direction on the shape at our own point, and this point is now our center. After that, we can easily find the center of gravity of the main shape by dividing the shape into certain areas and finding the distances of these area parts from the center of gravity to the center we have determined.

The same applies to the axle drawings, in fact, we choose a center in a project to be drawn at first, and this point is now our center point in our STA4CAD program. The only thing to do next is to draw the axles on STA4CAD according to the distances of the axles to this main center.

Most projects usually consist of vertical axes. In this section, we will talk about creating a vertical axis for now. By clicking on the option shown in detail in the image below, we activate the vertical axis creation process. After that, we can create axes continuously until you press the same place again.

STA4CAD AkslarAfter overcoming the vertical axis creation, we can change our direction by pressing the place indicated by “+” below. In the field right next to the plus sign, we can enter the range of our axle in meters. If you wish, we can do it with the ruler on the right, but it is not very practical. After determining our distance and direction, when we hover over the axes that appear on the screen. It shows what side and how much range is on the screen as a preview. Finally, when we left-click with the mouse, we form our axis.


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