The main purpose of a building’s bearing system is to transfer loads and its own weight to the ground safely. In order to fulfill this aim, there are many parameters such as economical, architectural and technical choice in carrier system. The most important of these parameters are:

1. Architectural Limitations

Mimari SınırlamalarIn the architectural design of a building; Various parameters such as intended use, cultural values, compatibility with the environment are effective. Even in the selection of flooring carrier system, depending on the purpose of the building, many parameters such as obtaining a flat ceiling, heat and sound insulation or location of partition walls are effective.

2. The Status of the Land Soil

The ground, where a building will be built, has a great influence on the bearing capacity of the ground, the foundation system to be selected for the bearing system. In case the building is constructed in the earthquake zone, it is necessary to determine the other characteristics of the ground as well as its strength, because the structure should be located in the earthquake zone, it should have parameters such as relative tightness, free pressure resistance, and elasticity modulus of the ground.

3. Building Construction Time

The construction period is effective in choosing the carrier system of the structures to be built especially in the central settlements. If the building is being built on a busy street, the construction period should be kept as short as possible to prevent any obstacles. In this case, a system selection that can be built in a short time should be selected.

4. Building Cost

The fact that the carrier system elements have large cross sections means that more material will be used and will be exposed to more earthquake loads due to the increase in weight. In addition, building a structure where labor is difficult increases the cost of building in terms of loss of time.

5. Earthquake Risk

When we look at the earthquake situation of our country, it is obvious that this is the most important parameter. Because the carrier systems designed by considering only the vertical loads are insufficient under the effect of earthquake. This insufficiency can cause great suffering. For this reason, the earthquake should choose a suitable system in terms of durability.

Source: Adem DOĞANGÜN, Calculation and Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Istanbul: Birsen Publishing House, 2018


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